Study of West Asian Civilization
requires colaboration between
multiple disciplines and
we have four main research divisions
working in parallel

Through varied archaeological research, we correct, provide and study the first-hand data regarding a wide range of research topics, such as the world-wide dispersal of modern humans from Africa through West Asia, the economic and technological innovations in early societies as seen in the emergence of agriculture and the development of metallurgy, and the formation of settled villages and the establishment of urban societies as well as the associated changes in urban landscape.
Linguistics and History
Writing system was first born in West Asia around 3,500 cal. BC and diffused to the areas today known as Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, and Egypt. It was written in varied languages and recorded in clay tablets, stelae, ostraca, papyrus, parchment, etc, which have frequently been discovered from various ancient city sites in these areas. By linguistic and historical studies, these rich written documents are made use of to study in detail the past human activities throughout the politics, administrative system, social institutes, manufacturing industry, science, religion, ideology and literature.
Geoscience and
Material science
Our geoscience research investigates the natural and cultural environments, in which past people lived their everyday lives, by analysing plant and animal remains, rocks and minerals, soil sediments and water resources. Our research also concerns the changes in irrigation systems in Mesopotamia and influence of natural environments and resources on human societies, which are to be studied by combining the analytical data obtained by geological survey, satellite image analyses and archaeological field works.
Cultural heritage and Urban planning study
Conservation work of rich cultural heritages in West Asia is one of our primary concerns, and we will also make proposals for the restoration of urban historical landscapes after their destruction by recent warfare. Our aim is to contribute to the development of local societies by suggesting the way in which modern society can manipulate urban developments in corporation with the management of historical heritages and natural environments.
Related disciplines
Other disciplines, such as Egyptology, Islamic study, Cultural anthropology and Art History, are all help us to develop our research methodologies and research themes across time and space in order to advance the study of West Asian civilization, which is to contribute to the better understanding of human history and its influence on our own society today.